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The first worldwide live reading of the original “The Book of the Thousand Nights & A Night” translated by Sir Richard Burton performed by Joanna Godwin Seidl and Saman Giraud for vienna theatre project with live music performed by Kamyab Sadeghi.Discover Joanna and Saman, enveloped in the soft glow of candlelight, smells of spiced tea and incense. They tell an enticing tale of a beautiful Persian queen, who recounts “it hath reached me, O auspicious King…” Lean back and listen to the stories of “1001 Nights”, interpreted by Joanna Godwin-Seidl & Saman Giraud. Let them take you on a journey to Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, China and all the other exotic places filled with romance, love, passion and crime. Let them help you to forget the here and now for a while, immerse yourself in the world of the magic lamp, the Jinns, legendary heroes, passionate love & envy… Ride with the caravans from Baghdad to Damascus. It starts with “1001 Nights” and nobody knows where the journey will end …
Our project brings people together, giving an insight into the rich culture of the Middle East, celebrating the beauty of storytelling.
vienna theatre project started live readings of “1001 Night” on Facebook as of March 20th 2020, during the lock down order in response to the pandemic, offering the people worldwide hope by providing an emotional and mental break, a form of relief through entertainment, by carrying its viewers as far as possible from the time and circumstances we currently live in.
The readings have reached more than 2 million viewers worldwide from Denmark to Guinea, USA to UAE, South Africa to India…
This original translation of “1001 Nights” by Sir Richard Burton has never been read and recorded before since it consists of 17 volumes, making this Joanna and Saman´s longest project in their respective careers with a project duration of approximately 4 years.
Saman Giraud is an Award-winning Film, TV and Theater actress. Originally from Iran, born and raised in Vienna, Austria.
Joanna Godwin-Seidl: Critically acclaimed theatre director and actress. Artistic director & producer of her own company, vienna theatre project, since 2006.

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