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/// MOTHERDRUM is an instrumental collective founded by Austrian drummer and producer Alexander Yannilos.Instead of a fixed lineup, MD gathers progressive musicians in different combinations around Yannilos´s electro-acoustic drumset, unleashing a sizzling mix of morphing styles, that can move from Live IDM to Broken Beat, grimy Trap-Beats or Industrial Techno within just a couple of bars.
Tracks are created on the fly, no rehearsal, no setlist, no undo.
Hard to put your finger on, easy to move your feet to. ///

„MOTHERDRUM meets MODULAR MOM“´s unique line-up features Alexander Yannilos [aka MOTHERDRUM] triggering [italian sound-artist and composer] Isabella Forcinitis and [electronic music legend] Patrick Pulsingers sophisticated modular synthesizers via his hybrid drumset [a mix of drum-synthesizers, effects and acoustic instruments], unlocking a whole new level of electronic interplay.

Alexander Yannilos : Drums/Synth/fx
Isabella Forciniti : Modular Synthesizer
Patrick Pulsinger : Modular Synthesizer

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