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Performance with Music and Dance that also explores the insertion of the Viennese music of the early nineteenth century and the syncretism that followed in the Mexican ritual life that evolved and is preserved to this day. Through a fantasy frame where audiovisual metaphors and a storyteller will take us into the unfortunate story of the ex-archduke Maxi, who moved by the deep commitment he felt for his new homeland, Mexico, returns from the underworld of the Mictlan to Vienna bringing with him in the form of a “fandango” a small representation of what he loved so much on the other side of the world, as a gift for this new multicultural society that coexists and lives together under the skies of Austria.


A Proto Mexico in crisis of self-recognition receives the arrival of a life lover who with his blond beard inserts the European culture of the newly formed bourgeoisie in the high status of society, with them, the music of central Europe, will begin to sound in the haciendas of the country, and outside the salon, the fandangos with sones, tarimas and the false freedom of the working classes. With the execution of the Emperor, there was no opportunity for a reciprocal exchange between the cultures loved by Maximilian, until today, when he returns to his former lands.

The political/social system as a hostile subject that closes and complicates the inclusion of individuals who do not meet its standards of status, (skin color) and (countries where they come from). In this case, before an Austrian who, in love with the culture of a foreign country, renounces his color and privileges, and what little he has left as a member of the Austrian royalty, he wants to take advantage of it to share the cultural beauty of the Mexican people, not from a “salvadurism” but from the sincere love, the renunciation of his privileges, and the offering of his own life to open an exchange, now yes, on both sides of the globe.  

Konzept und Regie Dafne Moreno
Dramaturgie Judith Aguilar
Kostüm Design Cortina Lopez & Valentina Viera
Sound Design & Musik Bassano Bonelli Bassano & Miguel Arizmendi

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