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GLAM _She is an electro-experimental-drama-pop-queen.
She loves overdriven pianos, hectic beats and silence. She loves to scream. She loves to whisper. She uses her arms and legs and vocal chords. She uses they or she as pronouns and is fluid in a lot of senses.
Don‘t get used to these descriptions, as she will change a lot, but get used to GLAM.

GLAM _ Gloria Amesbauer lives and works as an electronic composer and musician, singer and bassist in Vienna.

The EP „two months / years“ is a solo-debut for Amesbauer.
It tells the story about reclaiming, about taking your body back, and making it your own again. About freeing it from the patriarchal, capitalist society, reflected through a heteronormative, romantic relationship.
With manipulated and multiplied voices, that go through layers of skin, and therefore occupy body and space, Amesbauer self-empowers this body, within the ambivalence of the mendacity of romance.
As the actual plan, to create a universal, radical and simple strategy, didn’t work, the end doesn’t give you a solution, but stays a snapshot.

„You go, or I go.“

Live, GLAM will be accompanied by two musicians, who both became important parts in the process of finishing the EP:

Markus W. Schneider _ guitar, bass, FX
Aras Leni Seyhan _ synth, electronics

Gloria Amesbauer _ Kompositionen,
Fritz _ additional Lyrics + Vocals
Aras Levni Seyhan _ Master + Co-Mixing, Elektronik
Markus W. Schneider _ Gitarre, FX

SKE _ Produktionsförderung

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